- Our Mission -

To Educate, Advocate, and Promote Halal

- Our Vision -

Scan halal was built to empower individuals. Our vision at Scan Halal is to make the halal food market more transparent. Today we provide the most informative halal food information in the industry to millions of consumers. We want to make this information available to as many people as possible.

- About -

Scan Halal founded in Chicago, Illinois is an independent globally recognized halal organization involved in educating, advocating and promoting halal. We always endorse the policies reflecting honesty, transparency, due diligence and adherence to Islamic Jurisprudence. At Scan Halal we believe in collective efforts and encourage diversity to be able to utilize best available expertise in society and absolutely does not encourage nor support any political agenda. We’re a team of energetic, talented professionals looking to bring transparency to the global halal food sector. We are honest, uncensored, and we enjoy sinking our teeth into challenging problems related to halal industry. We enjoy being the best at our trade and our in-house team of food technologists, nutritionist, and auditors work endlessly to serve both the Muslim community and global halal consumer industry.

Scan Halal is committed to being an active body and we continue to attend seminars and various conferences both nationally and internationally as well as engage actively in dialogue relating to the global halal food industries.